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Baum - Beggars & Thieves

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«Beggars&Thieves» is the third single release from the album «Kingdom Of The Upright Man». This video was filmed in Manhattan by Angus and edited by Alma Buchli.Music and lyrics written by BAUM. Produced by BAUM and Tim Leitner. (p)+(c) 2017 Muve Recordings, a division of Musikvertrieb AG Switzerland. A massive «Thank You» goes out to Matthew Notaro, Police Officer and K9 Handler/Trainer (retired) at Westchester County Department of Public Safety (NY). He walked Labrador Angus through Manhattan for us – and we want to return the favor. Matthew asked to support «Hopes for Heroes», a nonprofit organization that provides the nation’s disabled war heroes with an opportunity to restore a healthy, active lifestyle. I believe war is a terrible thing for everyone involved. Those who go often come back heavily traumatized – most of us can’t even begin to understand how hard it must be to reintegrate.

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