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  • 1 04:30 Rival Kings - Bad

    Rival Kings - Bad

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    Rival Kings - Bad. taken from the album «WAR», out 2016 on Deepdive Records. Directed by Nico Schmied. Co-Directed by Simon Ramseier. Director of Photography: Nico Schmied & Tobias Bühler. Actors: Myrta Bugger, Etienne Hilfiker. Make-

  • 2 03:23 Marie & Claire - Sit es paar Tag

    Marie & Claire - Sit es paar Tag

    von Marie & Claire 2 Likes

    marie & claire proudly presents #popupsongs #2 #sitespaartag

  • 3 03:35 Proksima - Amnésie

    Proksima - Amnésie

    von CH Music TV 3 Likes

    PROKSIMA "Amnésie" instrumental Album "Diagonale" instrumental © 2017 / Photographies "Féminin-Masculin" et "Le souffle coupé" Anouchka Djurdjevac et Paola Cardone.

  • 4 04:12 Tasha Jay - Real Love

    Tasha Jay - Real Love

    von Tasha Jay 2 Likes

    Drums, Bass, Guitars and Programming: André Bader. Produced by: André Bader and Roland Rufatti at Subvibes-Production Basel. Music by Roland Rufatti. Words by Roland Rufatti / Caterina Ciani. Voice of Tasha Jay. Video Produktion: Martin Saut

  • 5 03:42 Marius & die Jagdkapelle - Kaktus

    Marius & die Jagdkapelle - Kaktus

    Kaktus - vom Album "Hirschschnauzdisco" von Marius & die Jagdkapelle. Regie, Kamera, Schnitt und Farben: Can Isik. Charakteranimation: Ceyhun Sen. Location: Andri Girsberger. © 2017, ABBILD FILM, all rights reserved. www.jagdkapelle

  • 6 03:57 XII Gallon Overdose - Damn Hot

    XII Gallon Overdose - Damn Hot

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    Damn Hot is taken from its selfnamed EP, released on September 17th 2016. Video produced and edited by Michael Buzek.

  • 7 02:39 Gina Gian - sempre

    Gina Gian - sempre

    von Gina Gian 2 Likes

    Gina Gian (IT / CH hip hop)Gina Gian "sempre" (track with videoclip)facebook-page: Ginagiantv 5572646/

  • 8 03:41 Neu Proksima - Les funambules

    Proksima - Les funambules

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    PROKSIMA "Les funambules" Album "Diagonale" © 2017

  • 9 02:37 Egopusher - Purple Air

    Egopusher - Purple Air

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    Official Videoclip of Egopusher performing "Purple Air". Filmed by Kerstin Polte & Pierre Pasler at Panke Club, Berlin. Edited by Kerstin Polte. Music written by Egopusher. Produced by Egopusher and David Hofmann. Recorded, mixed and mastered by David

  • 10 04:06 Tatum Rush - Mini Girls

    Tatum Rush - Mini Girls

    von Tatum Rush 3 Likes

    Music by Tatum Rush, Ceri. Written by Tatum Rush, Directed by Mathieu Cacheux, Collection