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  • 03:29 Drone Flesh - Get Down

    Drone Flesh - Get Down

    von CH Music TV gepostet vor 1 Likes

    This one goes out to all the people, who need to Get Down because of a dictator or despot, who tries to ruin their country. And to those, who voluntarily give their presidents even more power to ruin their country. Get Down is a hair-raising return to ele

  • 04:20 Drone Flesh - Petrified

    Drone Flesh - Petrified

    von Daniel Barth gepostet vor 0 Likes

    Petrified is an exhilarating ride that feels punchy and in-your-face, but also trippy and dense. It is a powerful and driven track with an aggressive edge containing hard-hitting glitchy techno beats, a meaty, dirty bassline and addictive layers of spacy